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Gotham, OK & Sleepy Hollow, Yay!

No spoilers about Gotham, except to say that I like what I've seen so far, and the casting is perfect for almost every role. It does feel very organic, like this could have happened before other Batman!verse events, although the timelines are off for a few of the major characters. The only quibble I have with it (and I realize it's pretty damn ridiculous) is since almost all the characters are villains/heroes in the making, Yebisu and I started wondering if every character had some significance in the story's future; we forgot that sometimes an ugly mob thug is just an ugly mob thug.

Of more immediate squee-ish interest to me is Sleepy Hollow. I had forgotten just how much I missed this show, and the premiere did not disappoint. The fake plotline of "we're a year in the future because things arbitrarily happened" did not ring particularly true, and I was glad when it was dispensed with in short order. So, yay for a return to preposterous science (Ichabod busting his way out of the coffin was pretty cray-cray, and I kept waiting for the Mythbusters guys to show up and debunk this as a fake and ridiculous stunt) but, on the other hand, it was nice to see a character using his brain first instead of his fists (after Gotham.) As usual, Abbie was made of awesome and win, and it was a pleasure to see her solve the multiple Crane doppelganger problem while she was in Purgatory. Purgatory also looked pretty damn evil--for a place that's supposed to be neither one, I'm a bit surprised at how over the top it is. When Abbie found herself in Molloch's lair, Yebisu and I had the following conversation:

Yebisu: Wow, that place is evil.
Me: Evil sure has a big candle budget.

Evil also had a big random German thugs budget, apparently. I enjoyed the sequence of Jenny fighting her way out of the warehouse and Crane only being able to drive forwards. There were all sorts of funny asides and one liners, and I got a real kick out of Ichabod's griping about Franklin. It was played for laughs, but as someone who's had her share of annoying bosses, it made me sympathize with Crane a smidgen more.

On the evil-lite side, John Cho's appearance was nicely played. I wonder if that's the last we will see of him this year. Also on the evil-lite side, what was Molloch doing this entire episode? I know, I know, a spell to raise a zombie army, but holy crap it took a long time, and every time we saw him in the distance, I imagined him checking his to-do list. ("OK, sprinkle blood here, here, and here, check. Next, parboil eye of newt in tears of the innocent... where'd I put my skillet?!")

The only weak plotline was Katrina's capture at Headless LaMar's hands. I really don't know what to make of this sequence, because Headless isn't particularly scary, and this plotline makes him even less so. I think the writers are trying to go for a Gothic novel, Phantom of the Opera-vibe, and it just fails so much. While Katrina's escape attempt was well conceived, the whole "you will submit to meeeee because I will kill your one true love" schtick gets old really, really quickly. My hope for next week is that our heroes rescue Katrina, and then everyone goes out for mimosas. Headless LaMar can do his "why won't she just love me?!" whining to an internet advice column or something.

Trailer Park:

* Dammit, Annabelle trailers: I do not need another phobia. While I'm sure the actual movie won't be that scary, whoever edited these trailers (there were two) is to be commended for making the whole thing as spooky and awful as possible. Also, who buys a creepy-looking doll like that? What the hell, people?

* Kingsman: I am all for Colin Firth as a suave British secret agent who can kick ass, but this movie appears to have some worrisome strikes against it: 1) February release date--not January dumping ground, but not prestige, either; 2) Lea Michelle appears to be in it, with a British accent (uhm...); and 3) How is this not The Avengers, but without Emma Peel?


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Sep. 25th, 2014 06:51 pm (UTC)
I was wondering exactly how Headless was going to have any sort of relationship with Katrina. Holographic head for the win, I guess. Katrina still bores me to tears -- I made sure to change E's diaper/bathe him while she was on screen.

Jenny + Crane = full of win.

Jenny + Abbie + Crane = superlative

John Cho + Abbie = creepy and interesting... but I keep seeing him with his neck snapped. EWW.
Sep. 25th, 2014 07:04 pm (UTC)
The holographic head is the best thing to Headless. I felt all sorts of conflicted about ogling his headless chest. :S

Anyway, I just want Katrina to have something to do. I feel sorry for her, tbh. What does she want? What are her goals? Could she and Crane make a life for themselves in 2014? I'd rather hear that narrative instead of the damsel in distress.

And, yeah, Jenny, Abbie, and Crane are unstoppable together. :D
Sep. 26th, 2014 07:03 pm (UTC)
LOL, if I could make icons, I would so make you one with an appearing and disappearing head for Headless. It seems that the world needs something like that!

To be honest, I don't know how to solve a problem like Katrina. It's like the writers are writing her from a skewed perspective of what they think Crane thinks about her and are trying way too hard to make the rest of us love her too. And that would be fine if they were just showing this as flashbacks/interactions from Crane's perspective, but they show her on a regular basis interacting with other people where Crane couldn't be observing her. It's like Crane married his ideal woman and his one true love, but she's more of an object/symbol/goal for him as opposed to really driving the plot.

And yes, having something to do aside from being the Christine Daae of the show (and even Christine had something to do in the end!) would be great.

I would also say how refreshing it is when the show gets female characters right (Abbie and Jenny). Both of them are friends or allies with Crane and it's not because they are a love interest. Isn't it great to see a show where men and women can be just friends?! That's why Katrina frustrates me so much -- I know they can do better!
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