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Sens8 is sens-sational!

Apologies for the corny title; I could not resist.

I want to urge everyone to check out Sens8 over on Netflix. It's not a fast-paced, non-stop action thriller (although it's had scenes like that), nor is it a overwrought drama full of white people problems (there is drama, but it never over-tugs at the heart strings, and given the diverse group of characters and settings, #firstworldproblems are the least of the characters' worries.) It's a science fiction drama that focuses on a group of eight people who are suddenly, and completely unbeknownst to them, psychically connected to each other. They can access skills and memories from one another and share information, but the only mentor they have is (frustratingly) cryptic and currently imprisoned. What unfolds is a lengthy meditation on the beautiful but bewildering connections we share with every other human being on the planet, told through the lens of the eight characters fumbling towards helping each other through trial and error, all the while dealing with their own lives' problems. Five episodes in, I'm not sure what the story's endgame is, but I don't worry too much because the story has steered me well so far. I'm curious as to who the nebulous baddies are, but I don't want to rush things, and I really hope their motive isn't too mustache-twirlingly over the top. I want very much to discuss this with others, the way that I am frustrated because no one will talk about Cloud Atlas (book and movie) with me. Anyway, it's well worth your time. It's not a fun, silly show that you can have on in the background as you're doing other stuff: you need to pay attention in order to catch everything that's rushing by. But it's paying off so far, and I think the ending will be worth it.
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